Monday, May 06, 2013

Arctic Ocean Acidifying Rapidly

Oh well, we probably won't even think about this once the oil spills begin but it turns out that cold sea water is especially absorptive of CO2.  And, that is why the Arctic Ocean is rapidly acidifying.

Scientists from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme report widespread changes in the ocean chemistry.   They conclude that even if emissions stopped today it would take tens of thousands of years for Arctic waters to return to their pre-industrial state.

Chemical effects related to acidification have also been encountered in surface waters of the Bering Strait and the Canada Basin of the central Arctic Ocean.

Scientists estimate that the average acidity of surface ocean waters worldwide is now about 30% higher than before the Industrial Revolution.

The researchers say there is likely to be major change to the Arctic marine ecosystem as a result. Some key prey species like sea butterflies may be harmed. Other species may thrive. Adult fish look likely to be fairly resilient but the development of fish eggs might be harmed. It is too soon to tell.


harebell said...

thought this might interest you

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi H.B. Enbridge should win some sort of award for top corporate dissembler. They claim it was a misunderstanding, an error in interpretation, not because of confusion in the regulations, but because they hadn't been taken up on their defaults in years past. And yet they maintain their plaintive plea to Canadians, "trust us."