Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Execution Without Accountability

I have no idea how many people the United States executes by drone strikes. Not a clue as to their names or their nationalities, how many there are, why they were selected for elimination - nothing.  Their killings are never justified,  the killers never made to account.

And this is what you get:

There was a time when resort to lethal force was supposed to be used for some discernible purpose or national need.  Those who called the shots could expect to be called on for some justification, some explanation as to who had been killed, how and why?  Drone killings allow none of that and, when there is no accountability, it means that this form of death from above can be put to any number of uses, even just political advantage.  "I'm not soft.  Why, I'm killing people from the sky, just about every day.  Can't tell you who or why because that's secret but I've got some really neat video of them being obliterated."

We think we can get away with this without manufacturing future terrorists?


Anonymous said...

And it's not just no accountability, it's also that there is no longer any sacrifice. No draft. No Rosie Riveter. No rations. Not even any soldiers! It's a perfect system for short term arms profits and the long term industrial-scale creation of Islamic militants. Sheer madness.

The Mound of Sound said...