Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Maybe When Obama is Finished Mauling Netanyahu He Could Give Us a Hand With Harper

It's widely thought that Barack Obama is working to engineer regime change in Israel.  He's had a snootful of Benjamin Netanyahu and his underhanded ways and, in the process, confirms that the best way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him and fight back.

But wait.  We've got a bully boy here too, one every bit as devious and manipulative as the Israeli prime minister.  What's more, as a people, Canadians really like Obama - and by a good measure more than we like Stephen Harper.

Harper has been a pain in the White House backside over the Keystone XL pipeline, regularly crossing the line to cajole and embarrass the president.  Add to that Harper is just about the only head of government still in bed with his Israeli counterpart.

So, c'mon Barack.  Make like a good neighbour.  We need regime change too.  Is that too much to ask?


the salamander said...

.. I think Obama kinda likes seeing a conceited clot like Harper in position here.. and the wannabe warrior schtick Stevie embraces.

I've actually been developing a project to paint Stephen Harper et al for what they really are.. and some have said only Libs, dippers and greenies would find the programs interesting..

But I think a substantial number of Americans and Brits etc would like to see a working model of Tea Party style idiocy when it gets to take over a government, with a majority.

Here in Canada you really have to be witless, a shrill partisan or un-Canadian with a dead heart to pony up 5 bucks cuz Fred DeLorey sent you a message.

To comprehend how a lout like Jason Kenney got to be Minister of Defense of Canada takes a lot of jumping through hoops thinking. They might as well have named Rob Anders.. but that's the Peter Principle at work. Look down Kenney's back trail.. and its flawed extreme christian Tea Party madness, since high school.

This Harper Government is faking it like nobody's business.. but the bizarre notions, the secrecy, obstruction, incompetence & outright deceits are just busting out like pus from a rotting carcass.

I still maintain that most of these losers would get part of the vote if they rode backwards on a mule, naked. And the rest of the votes they would just steal.

Obama must crack up just watching at how we snivel up to Israel under Harper, Baird, Kenney, Oliver & the rest of the Rapture twits

Troy said...

Off-topic: Canadian Spies Collect Domestic Emails in Secret Security Sweep

Toby said...

Obama has been helping us with Harper; that's why he stiffs Keystone XL. Dilbit is an easy target like baby seals. To top it off the Tar Sands are foreign, so no loss. The added benefit is a kick at the Republican Koch brothers.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, do tell me more of your program.

@ Troy - who knew that anyone e-mailing government was going to have their communications screened by our national security apparatus? It puts you in an adversarial position vis the government from the moment you push the "send" button.

@ Toby - it remains to be seen whether Obama will ultimately block KXL. My guess is that Trans-Canada wouldn't give up, hoping that the next occupant of the White House would reverse Obama's course.