Thursday, February 05, 2015

Is Harper's Blood Brother, Tony Abbott, Heading for the Chop?

My, Those Are Very Prime Ministerial Nipples, Mr. Harper

Tony Abbott is on the ropes.  The Australian public have about had it with his ways - equal parts thuggish and thick.  Finally members of his own party seem to have had enough of this anchor round their necks and have introduced a "spill motion" that could result in a leadership contest.

Abbott has vowed to fight to keep his job but the contempt in which he's held is palpable.

These two Aussies explain Abbott's predicament perfectly.


Steve said...

What we have here is a temporary failure of proportional representation. If we had it in Canada Harper would have been gone long ago. Cadman, Contept, War Crimes, take your pick.

rumleyfips said...

Seems like only yesterday Abbott and Baird were going to fix the UN and fix em good.

Purple library guy said...

Oh, that is happy news. I wonder what specifically he's been doing that the Australian public perceives as bad. I mean, he's done plenty of stuff I perceive as bad, but that's probably not the same. Wonder where I'd find some delicious gossip about Abbott gaffes.