Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Sun Won't Rise Tomorrow for Sun News. Canada Yawns.

FOX News North is down the toilet.  Nobody wanted to watch the drivel dished up by Ezra & Co. so management decided it was time to give it the big flush.

Kinsella bemoans the loss of a "media voice."  Sorry, Warren, just because they gave you a paycheque doesn't make Sun News a media voice.  A news outlet becomes a media voice when someone is listening or reading or just paying attention.  Sun News was more like a bear shitting in the forest - no one noticed, it didn't matter, it was irrelevant.  It's no loss except for the balance sheet.

The troubling part is how Ezra is going to pay his libel judgments without the Sun gig.  Boo hoo.


deb said...

this is more like it, I actually regret that it got as long on the air as it did. As chances are they received taxpayer funds for stupid con ads.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Kinsella suggesting in his blog (which I will not link to) that people gloating over the demise of this network were actually celebrating the loss of 200 jobs? He also called them jerks.

Now that is the sort of thing why I suspect many are happy this network is gone. How in the world could Kinsella, a trained lawyer, conclude that all these people celebrated the hardship being visited on the families of those workers who lost their jobs through no fault of their own (especially since some would no doubt wonder if perhaps Teneycke was trying to secure too rich a golden parachute for himself)?

Perhaps Kinsella has been around these hard right wing fellows too long it has affected his objective reasoning.

The Mound of Sound said...

Anon, that's classic Kinsella. The poor fellow has had a run of bad luck or maybe those associated with him have had bad luck - Ignatieff, Pupatello (OLP leadership), Olivia Chow and now Sun News. Maybe Warren is jinxed. It seems Team Trudeau isn't interested in finding out.

I have this sense that, when things go wrong for WK, there's always someone he'll finger as a jerk or (read today's rant) an "asshole." He did, if you'll recall, get pretty nasty with Ignatieff and Chow - after their fortunes nosedived.

Oh well he does seem to have some success with his books, I guess.

I have often wondered if WK wouldn't be just as happy with the Conservatives if they'd have him.

Anonymous said...

Mound: and you forgot to mention WK's great certainty that Hudak was going to sweep the floor with Wynne's head. Remember how he had great confidence that Ipsos Reid, who he said had their ears to the ground, and perhaps the only pollster worth believing, was predicting a great victory for Hudak, even in Northern Ontario?

Then what happened when the reverse occurred? WK, as I recall, blamed it on the bad political polls that seemed to be a curse these days. Of course, he conveniently ignored the fact that Forum, one pollster he often disparaged, was correct. So was EKOS.

In fact, the only problem apparently was that WK had chosen to believe the wrong polls then apparently turned around and suggested his mistake was not his fault, rather it was bad polls.

Yup, that seems to be classic WK. I sometimes wonder if his alienation of the Provincial Liberals was a contributory factor to their throwing their support to Tory.

The Mound of Sound said...

I don't know, Anon, but I feel badly for the guy. When you tout your expertise as a political war room operator it's nice if you've got a string of wins to impress the crowd.

The Mound of Sound said...

One door closes, another opens. 200-jobs lost at Sun News. Meanwhile Shaw Cable has announced it's opening a new call centre in Victoria with 300 hires. It's as much a "media outlet" as Sun News ever was.

deb said...

sun news if it hadnt been so over the top ridiculous, could have brought some real facts to the forefront. Instead of hiring ezra and paying for all his lawsuits, they could have hired a investigative journalism team and been more like Vice News.
Exploring some of the corruption with this govt and all the missing monies>
but instead they faked stories, outright lied and were as obnoxious as possible to trudeau, his family, artists, dancers and environmentalists>
Sun News wasnt news, it was conservative spin.
glad their viewership was low and pretty much says there are very few canadians who fall for the fox news style of PR BS:P

The Mound of Sound said...

Deb, they targeted a market, Canada's right wing, and that gave them more than enough potential subscribers for them to succeed - if they had produced a product that their potential market wanted to support. When the 'stars' were getting ratings of a few thousand viewers a show that's proof that even the right wing was turned off.

I complained to Shaw when they added Sun News to my cable lineup. I told them it was nothing short of political porn but it was bundled with some channels I did want so I had no choice but to subsidize Ezra & Co.

Last night I decided to watch the Sun evening lineup - mainly Ezra and Coren - and they were both odious.

deb said...

yeah I know, it is/was odius>
but they could have gone centrist and managed to garner a few more players, I dont know what their end game was, but I guess it failed.
of course by hiring ezra, they were delusional to begin with,lol

Anonymous said...

"were actually celebrating the loss of 200 jobs"

I considered feeling bad for them then thought, look on the bright side. The talking heads didn't get charged with operating a common body house nor the rest with living off the avails of prestitution.

anon too