Thursday, February 19, 2015

Will the E.U. Again Pull the Rug Out From Under Harper's Feet?

The European Union's FQD, fuel quality directive, was once seen as a bitumen killer.  It's intended to encourage the use of lower-carbon oil and to kill off the European market for tar sand oil.

It had been reported that the Canadian government persuaded the Euros to drop the regulation, opening Europe to Athabasca exports.  Now it seems the FQD isn't dead after all.

The EU’s most senior energy official confirmed that the fuel quality directive (FQD) to encourage greener road fuels will not be scrapped at the end of the decade, as had been thought.
Asked by the Guardian whether that meant the FQD would continue after 2020, the EU’s vice president for energy union, Maroš Šefčovič, said: “My first reaction is yes. We just have to adjust it to all the lessons learned from biofuels, and all the [other] lessons learned from the previous time.”

The FQD has been a platform for measures intended to price tar sands out of the European market – and for targets to provide 10% of Europe’s transport fuel from low carbon sources,mostly biofuels, by 2020.


Owen Gray said...

Another nail in Harper's petro dream, Mound.

Lorne said...

Good news for the world; bad news for the Harper petro-state, Mound.

WILLY said...

Harper keeps broadcasting that he has taken care of this issue or that issue e.g. The release of the Cdn journalist in Egypt
the media spiels his press release and the media moves on waiting for the next edict

Christ I'm getting tired of this shit