Tuesday, January 30, 2007

But What About the Free Crayons?

There's an uproar at Southern Methodist University in suburban Dallas and it has George Bush's name all over it.

The university has been selected as the site of a multi-million dollar complex that will house the George W. Bush Presidential Library, museum and thinktank. It seems a lot of people on campus think the idea stinks.

"'Given the record of this administration in deeply dividing our country, and bringing down the ire of the international community on the United States, it seems a poor decision to give a permanent place on campus for what could become a bully pulpit for the Bush administration to defend its neo-conservative policies,' says William McElvaney, an ordained Methodist minister and retired professor, who has been among the most vocal protesters.

"The protest, which has spread from campus to a section of the Methodist clergy, has led to a national debate on one of the stranger traditions of the American presidency - that former denizens of the White House play a leading role in determining their own place in history."

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Anonymous said...

yup ... at the beginning of the month some of the faculty started a patition http://audaciousontology.blogspot.com/2007/01/dozens-of-facalty-sign-in-protest-of.html