Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Does He Know That We Don't Know?

While we are fighting for our honour, we still open the door for talks and negotiations with our enemy who is after our annihilation and is shedding our blood.

That was Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai acknowledging that he's still making peace overtures to the Taliban. What's he up to?

NATO and US forces are in Afghanistan battling the Taliban, even promising to defeat the Taliban, and yet Karzai is extending the offer of political accommodation to this same Taliban.

If Karzai is making these overtures now, why would the Taliban not assume there's something better to be had, especially if they can stage a real show of strength this summer? By all indications this will be a very challenging spring and summer as a coalition of insurgents led by the Taliban try to topple the Kabul government.

What does Karzai know that we don't?

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