Friday, January 19, 2007

Mission Creep - That's Good News

According to The Star, the Canadian Forces are going to reinforce our contingent in Afghanistan. Unfortunately we won't be getting more infantry even though the existing force is far too small for the job we've taken on. The good news is that the existing troops will be getting additional support although military spokesmen in Ottawa won't say just what or when that support will arrive.

Best guesses? A flight of CF-18 Hornet fighters for dedicated ground attack in support of Canadian troops. Heavy artillery, M777 howitzers, that were recently purchased from Britain. For surveillance and command, the CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft configured for use in Afghanistan.

One blogger recently posted photographs of two trains carrying a great quantity of Canadian military vehicles into the United States. It is logical to assume we're relying on the American military to get this equipment to our troops in Afghanistan. We simply don't have the means to get them in the field in time.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count on the CP-140 Aurora arriving in Afghanistan any time soon. The lack of any self protection capabilities combined with the current commitment to the next block of AIMP upgrades makes, IMO, a commitment to Afghanistan unsustainable with present resources.