Saturday, January 20, 2007

Conservatism Is Dead - Andrew Coyne

Wow, I was floored to read National Post columnist Andrew Coyne declare that the grand Harper experiment with conservatism is over, fini

"After a year of Conservative rule, it is now clear, conservatism isn't just dying--it's dead. And it's the Conservatives who killed it."

"The more the party has chased the middle, however, the faster it has seemed to recede; with each abandonment of its principles, the opposition and the media, those arbiters of the status quo, simply yawn and move the goalposts a little further down the field. So that even so humiliating a climb down as the past week's reinstatement of the very Liberal environmental programs the Tories abolished in their first weeks in office wins them no points whatever."

Read the whole piece here:

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