Thursday, August 14, 2014

Harper's Whipping Boy Guilty in Robocall Case.

A whipping boy was a young boy assigned to a young prince who was designated to take a flogging when the prince misbehaved.

Methinks Michael Sona is the Harper Conservatives' whipping boy.  Sona is the one taking the fall for the widespread robocall scam in the last federal election. He'll be sacrificed.  He'll get the heat.  Everyone else will be off the hook.


Beijing York said...

Judge Hearn was not impressed with the crown prosecutor, nor am I.

Obviously the fall guy with no attempt on the "crown" to actually uncover the chain of command involved in this electoral fraud and willful attempt to disenfranchise voters.

Hopefully the guilty verdict means that somewhere down the line, someone takes the time to investigate this sad event and uncover the truth. A non-guilty verdict would have guaranteed this being buried forever.

the salamander said...

.. this is and was.. a travesty. The Canadian General Election Fraud. Some 234 federal ridings reporting fraudulent live and robo calls. Complaints overall from approx 261 ridings.. all this summarized and validated by a federal judge.. and stating CIMS was the data source

Didn't happen, according to our concerned Harper Government. All baseless smears said our Prime Minister via his parliamentary secretary Dean Del Mastro.

Where was Ken Morgan, or Arthur Hamilton or Jenni Byrne or Ray Novak, or Stephen Lecce? Where were criminal subpoenas? Where were printouts of the CIMS data base and ID of login deletions? And the list of who had admin privileges?

Stephen Lecce shared an office with a red goateed gent working all the data and robo stuff in Fantino's campaign office during a byelection plus the general election... Oh right, didn't catch his name we are left to guess. Lecce didn't meet those Americans knocking on doors either? Wasn't there during meetings where Fantino's extra campaign fund bank accounts were boasted about.. that ended up funding other ridings?

Canada is getting whipped on this one.. or until someone comes clean.. or gets ratted out.. upon which, my bet is the entire Harper apparatus & political mechanism crashes and burns.. like a plague ship on fire, smashing onto an offshore reef.

These partisans, the PMO, the MP's, the Senate, Gerstein, the upper level operators.. and the robo PM himself.. aint nearly as smart as they think they are. I've maintained from the very beginning, that a crusty street beat cop or fraud squad detective would have followed the money, or who benefits.. and flushed a rat or two out, turned them.. and rolled it all up toute suite.

Mulcair said it well when he said Canada and Canadians were being played for suckers ...
and we have a Prime Minister with a yellow streak down his back that will be legend.. and legacy

Unknown said...