Monday, August 11, 2014

It Really Is Time to Cull the Herd

My daughter called me during her lunch break today.  She was at a trendy Vancouver grocery called Urban Fare, the sort of place that makes Whole Foods seems a bit declasse, or so I'm told.  On display at said Urban Fare was the latest and greatest - square watermelons going for the enticing price of just $199.99.  Not even two hundred dollars, imagine!


 Seriously, isn't it time to cull the herd?


WILLY said...

The first seedless designed w/m were more expensive than the ones with seeds - for the convenience I assumed

Now the w/m with seeds sell for double the price of the seedless - for taste is my guess

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, but how many of those can you get for 200 bucks?

Anonymous said...

To me it's not so much the price. It's the fact that they brought these things in from Japan. You'd think UF could find somebody to make square melons locally for that kind of scratch.

Dana said...

They'll be flying off the shelves.

And not one buyer will ever mention the flat taste, pulpy texture or the runs that ensue.

Serves the slaggy peckerwits right too.

Anonymous said...

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