Friday, August 29, 2014

Is This the Ultimate Zero-Emissions Urban Transporter?

They can move you along at speeds upwards of 20-miles an hour for distances up to 30-miles at a stretch.  They're computer controlled and host features too numerous to list.  They're e-bikes, electrical power assist bicycles.  You still do the peddling but when the going gets harder on hills, for example, the electric motor kicks in to carry the extra load.

A recent U.S. competition was won by Seattle's Teague "Denny":

But the Denny is just one of a horde of contenders.  Motors by Yamaha, automatic gear boxes by Shimano, designs by Audi, there seems to be no limit to innovation and creativity.

So many terrific designs, so many brilliant ideas.  Now, if someone can just incorporate as many of the greatest features in one bike, we might all be lining up to get it.


Lorne said...

I've always been intrigued by the concept Mound, but two things always deter me: the real livelihood of theft even if locked (no locks seem to be impervious) and the limitations imposed by the seasons, something I know you West Coasters don't really have to contend with (he said with absolutely no bitterness or envy).

The Mound of Sound said...

Why, Lorne, what an inconsiderate thing to say. I believe we had several hours of snow last winter. It wasn't enough that I could be bothered to shovel the drive, but still...

These things start at a few thousand and go up from there. Whistles and bells come at a price. And, yes, they are fair weather transporters - no ice or snow, please. That said, they're intriguing enough that I expect they'll catch on to the point where some form of secure parking will be provided in commercial core districts.