Friday, August 15, 2014

Have You Heard the Latest?

Have you heard the latest about last month's Malaysian Airlines MH-17 shootdown over Ukraine?  No? Neither have I.

When the Boeing 777 plunged to the ground killing everyone aboard, Western leaders were quick out of the gate to finger Vlad Putin, directly or indirectly, and Ukraine's pro-Russia separatist militias for downing the jetliner.

America is supposed to have that area under satellite observation.  American technology is supposed to be able to spot and identify the launch of a surface-to-air missile that, we were told, downed MH-17.  Meanwhile the Brits have had the aircraft's intact flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder for more than two weeks.

All of which begs the question why Washington and London have gone silent about this tragedy?  In the past when they had hard evidence of this sort they went public with their findings in short order.  Not this time. Why?

Former congressman, Ron Paul, says America knows more than it's letting on and is "likely hiding the truth."


Anonymous said...

Yup, ain't it interesting?

Recall that about three weeks ago, the U.S. was insisting that it had surveillance data back to 2008/09 that proved that Russia was testing its (medium/long?) range missile in violation of its non proliferation treaty. So why can they not produce the surveillance data of the MH17 shootdown to back their claims? The MH17 shootdown only occurred about a month ago.

Then there is also this:

From the above link: "As we reported on Monday, award winning former AP and Newsweek reporter Robert Parry was told by an intelligence source that the U.S. is in possession of images which show men dressed in Ukrainian Army uniforms operating the Buk missile system which shot down MH17.

If proven accurate, such information would completely eviscerate Washington and Kiev’s already shaky narrative that Russian-backed separatist rebels were responsible for the attack."

Remember that the U.S. had previously tried to cover up its accidental shootdown of the Iranian passenger jet and even lied about various things (e.g. that its warship was in international waters when it was actually in Iranian waters, that the Iranian jet did not respond to its challenge over the military channel when in fact the jet was squawking over the other civilian channel, that the jet was descending and looked like it was in attack mode when it was actually climbing,m etc.).

Troy said...

It's more yellow-cake. That's what I've been calling it.
A tragedy happened, and the USA government was quick to not only accuse the Russian government of the attack, but convict it in the court of media.
Without an actual investigation, I might add. They just knew it was the Russians, right away.

The Mound of Sound said...

Is a Ukrainian army uniform distinguishable from a Russian uniform? I thought they were all wearing the same gear.

Ah, yellowcake. Yes that does sum it up nicely. The data and voice recorders were recovered intact. Why don't they tell us what's on them? Where are the US satellite data?

The Russians have maintained MH-17 was being stalked by a Ukrainian Su-25 attack fighter. At first it was denied, saying this warplane could not reach the jetliner's altitude. Turns out it can. Still, at its limited airspeed, flying an intercept would take a great deal of skill.

crf said...

Rand Paul has a lot of skepticism in everything about the US government (which is a good, and a bad thing). Maybe the US government is hiding something, maybe not. But Rand Paul saying something doesn't make anything less or more likely to be true.

At any rate, I don't think we can say what happened to the jet. Both forces had the means to shoot it down. Perhaps it is slightly more likely that the Ukrainian-Russian rebels shot it down. But we should wait and see (and accept that we might never know).

In the context of trying to figure out the resolution to the Eastern Ukraine conflict, it probably doesn't really matter who shot it down. It was obviously a mistake whoever did it. Perhaps Obama and Putin both agree on that: the plane is not relevant to any negotiated solution. Which may be why if Rand Paul is right and the US is hiding something, it is for diplomatic reasons.

Anonymous said...

Just came across this:

If true, it would explain why we are not hearing anymore about this from the western MSM.