Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New York Times Claims Putin has Opened "Third Front" Invasion of Ukraine. Nobody Else Biting Yet.

A bulletin from The New York Times claims that Russian military units including infantry, tanks and artillery, have poured over the border into eastern Ukraine, "attacking Ukrainian forces and causing panic and wholesale what Western and Ukrainian military officials described on Wednesday as a stealth invasion."

True or False?  It's worthwhile to recall how the NYT swallowed, wholesale, its government's lies about Saddam's WMDs and his intrigue with al Qaeda.

McClatchey newspapers, in its former guise Knight-Ridder, did not fall for the Bush/Cheney propaganda mill and it has nothing akin to the Times' saga.  Nor do BBC or The Guardian.  According to The Globe, the "stealth invasion" consisted of five, Russian armoured personnel carriers and a truck that entered a small Ukrainian town.  Hardly sounds like the Battle of the Bulge depicted in the Times.


Edstock said...

"Hardly sounds like the Battle of the Bulge depicted in the Times." — OMG funny! Especially as I stumbled on this a couple of hours ago:

Sure is a difference.

Anonymous said...

And ... the US will continue to open a new media front against all challengers, vilifying them and painting them as monsters so they can keep pumping up the defense budgets!

Troy said...

Russia doesn't need to invade.
From everything that's trickled out of Ukraine, it seems the rebels are winning, handily.
Another US proxy losing to guerrilla warfare. It's the USA's blind-spot ever since Redcloud.

rumleyfips said...

They capture, destroy, identify a Russian armor column at least once a week. There are obviously waiting for bright sunlight to take pictures to show us.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Troy - your Redcloud reference sent me on a Wiki journey. I wasn't aware how badly the Americans dealt with the Lakota. They did get handed their asses, didn't they?

Rumley - the Americans have photo evidence only they don't want you to see it. When so much of the hardware - tanks, self-propelled artillery, mobile rocket artillery, SAMs, etc. - used by the Ukrainians is Russian-made, the photos can portray whatever you want to see in them.