Friday, August 22, 2014

Taking America Back to a Darker Time

The aftermath of the police execution of a black teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri continues.  The Policy.mic web site has a report on public generosity that has raised $200,000 for - wait for it - the shooter, officer Darren Wilson.

Follow the link to read the remarks left by some of officer Wilson's supporters.



Beijing York said...

Ugh, those comments... "The real America [read Whites] supports you."

Not only loud and proud racists, one fellow cop from the Chicago Police Department figures Officer Wilson should treat himself to a lap dance to ease the tension. NICE.

The Mound of Sound said...

It amazes me how open expressions of racism became acceptable again after the inauguration of Barack Obama. There was a widespread upwelling of venom that must have been simmering just below the surface before Obama was elected. So much for civil society.

The sooner America's non-white population achieve an effective political voice the better.